Swiss Gold Nuggets

Rheingold : Myth or Truth ?

At the source of the Rhine, the Rhinemaidens guard the sleeping Rhinegold. The black alb Alberich stalks the revealing mermaids. They mock the lecherous Nibelungen dwarf and, with their wild play, awaken the gold, in whose bright light they reveal to Alberich that it can be forged into a ring that will give its wearer world domination if he renounces love forever. The spurned Nibelung does not hesitate, curses love and guesses the magic that forces the gold into a circlet.

Umwelt und Ressourcen

First small Success

  • only 11 mm , but
  • great color and structure
  • icy water

BIG ONE , but

  • unfortunately not a Gold Nugget
  • found in the Suisse Alpes
  • could be Silver or Bismuth , we will check

On cloudy heights, the Light Alb Wotan dreams of the same power, but the god would never want to give up love games.“ Rheingold , 2nd scene

Frank Stummer